Palm Desert -Ca HP DesignJet Plotter Printer Repair | Service

May 3, 2021

Palm Desert -Ca HP DesignJet Plotter Printer Repair |  Inspecting, Cleaning, Lubricating & Calibrating – Carriage Belt Replacement 

We can prolong your HP Design-Jet Plotter life by Inspecting, Cleaning, Lubricating & Calibrating

What is included in our HP DesignJet plotter cleaning and maintenance service?

  • Clean Plotter Carriage Rails
  • Lubricate Plotter Carriage Rails
  • Cleaning the Drive Roller
  • Encoder Strip Cleaning and inspection
  • Inspect and Clean Platen Assembly
  • Clean the entire plotter including outside
  • Calibrate the plotter
  • Quality test printout

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