HP DesignJet Plotter Regular Maintenance Cleaning

October 24, 2017

Regular Cleaning For HP DesignJet  Plotters

Modern Designjet plotters are high speed high quality large format inkjet printers. In order to achieve high quality at high speed, hp designjet plotters has a print carriage operating four or eight printheads, sweeping across an plotter  sheet paper. Each head has 200 microscopic nozzles firing ink droplets so fine that it would take over two million of them to fill the volume of a single raindrop.

Because the droplets are so fine, they form an aerosol mist, most of which is sprayed on to the plotter paper. Some of the mist however remains suspended in the air above the paper and as the carriage sweeps past, it drifts and is deposited in a thin layer through the hp designjet plotter. Over a period of months or years this mist works its way into every moving part of the plotter. It forms a sticky deposit which has the appearance and consistency of boot polish and gradually begins to have a detrimental impact on the performance of the plotter.

Increased friction in the printhead bearings due to ink sludge buildup will place undue strain on the plotter drive belt causing it to fragment and eventually snap. Replacement of the belt is a major job, requiring a complete strip down of the plotter to effect repairs.

The ink mist finds its way into the plotters optical sensor, upsetting the color balance and causing plotter paper edge detection problems.

The hp designjet plotters print carriage determines its position across the plot by counting the number of slits in a photographically etched strip which runs the length of the plotters axis. Ink contamination on the optical strip and the photo sensor which reads it causes errors in the number of slits counted. This leads to positional errors of the plotters printhead causing banding, missing or jagged lines on the printout, missing characters and distortion of the drawing.

Onsite Printer Services offers a maintenance repair program which will keep your Designjet plotter in optimum condition with minimum downtime. We service Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Ventura County in California.  We repair on a regular basis- either quarterly or six monthly, depending on the usage of the machine.

All moving parts are thoroughly and gently cleaned with inkjet solvent. Sludge and paper debris is removed and measured amounts of HP lubricant applied to necessary areas. Printheads and head connectors are cleaned. Sensors and the positional encoder are cleaned. System utilities are run to align and color balance the heads and the machine is externally cleaned.

If this work is carried out on a regular basis it will at least double the life of any hp designjet plotter. Protect your investment and safeguard your drawing production capability – Set up a regular maintenance system now.

We cover all of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Ventura County in California  and can schedule regular service so you can forget about the HP Designjet plotter and concentrate on your business

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